The Golden Rules of Astrology by S S Chatterjee

It is well known dictum in astrology that 4th lord in an angle showers the person with a long life, a luxurious life with immovable property, all around success etc. These types of 500 golden rules have been presented in chapter – 1 The role of planets in shaping or maring destiny patterns of human beings have been described in 15th chapters. This book provides excellent information about brilliant career, accumulation of huge wealth, business caliber, poverty yogas, lunatism, sun-satrun relationships, mute yoga, influence of guru chandala yoga etc.Yogas for a wonderful manager who can change the face of the country have been described. It should be borne in mind that astrology offers an insight into the meaning and purpose of life and its predictable/unpredictable pattern of events in life which moulds one’s destiny patterns through an invisible force called Law of Karma. This book will surly help hard working astrologers with a gift of synthesis to become brilliant predictors.

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