Marital Astrology by S Krishna Kumar


Chapter 1: Marital Astrology

Chapter 2: Kuja Dosha

Chapter 3: Dina Koota

Chapter 4: Sun is seventh house or seventh house being leo or simha

Chapter 5: Methodology for analyzing matching making for marriage

Chapter 6: Results of Marriage conducted in different stars

Chapter 7: Importance of Vandhya Yogas (Yogas for barren women)

Chapter 8: Importance of Visha Kanya Yogas in selecting the girl for marriage

Chapter 9: Special importance of seventh of female chart

Chapter 10: Analysis of male charts for marriage

Chapter 11: Some important planetary positions in female horoscopy for marriage analysis

Chapter 12: Time tested remedial measures for overcoming delayed marriage and to improve the quality of married life

Chapter 13: Miscellaneous /Chart of compatibility

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