Horoscope Snapshots: Essays in Modern Astrology by Frank Clifford

Eighteen thought-provoking and entertaining essays on modern astrology by an award-winning astrologer. In ‘Horoscope Snapshots’ discover: – The deeper, hidden sides to your Sun sign – How your Sun, Moon and Ascendant differ – The real nature of Jupiter – Parental significators and childhood ‘scripts’ – How to identify which planetary type you are – The key vocational indicators in your chart – Forecasting tools, including the pivotal Saturn Return – The role of Pluto in America Along the way, you’ll see astrology brought to life in the modern world with essays on famous vocalists, the USA’s horoscope, the links between interviewers and their subjects, and much more. Its author, Frank Clifford, has built an eclectic career as a consultant, publisher, columnist, media astrologer, lecturer and a writer of a dozen books, including his textbook ‘Getting to the Heart of Your Chart’. Frank runs The London School of Astrology and teaches astrology and palmistry in person and online. He writes for (and has guest edited) ‘The Mountain Astrologer’. In 2012, Frank won The Charles Harvey Award, a lifetime achievement award for ‘exceptional service to astrology’.

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