Astrology: The Space Age Science by Joseph Goodavage

Joseph F. Goodavage’s Astrology: The Space Age Science reveals how: — Man can rediscover the past, learn the truth about the lost continent of Atlantis, the meaning of the Great Flood myth, how civilized man actually lived two million years ago. — And know the future, foresee impending wars, the rise of a great spiritual leader, visitors from other worlds. Through the powers of astrology — as Joseph F. Goodavage demonstrates in the fascinating book — man can learn how to control his own future by relating to the cosmic energy of the stars. Here are the facts about the world’s oldest science. Here is the startling evidence of the strange powers that flow into our lives from the farthest reaches of the universe. A fascinating book that reveals just how the cosmic power of the starts may well affect your life today — and tomorrow. The modern scientific case for an ancient wisdom.

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