An abc of the Old Science of Astrology by Sydney Randall

Astrology has a great future before it. The children of the new era will be educated, not by ignorant parents and teachers with out-of-date ideas, but by their educated parents and teachers, who will have their horoscopes correctly cast for the exact time of birth. -from the Introduction There was a time, not so long ago, when the new promise of “scientific” astrology was on the verge of making life infinitely better, from the prospect of a more intimate self-knowledge to the “wonderful help a correct horoscope is to medical diagnosis.” This charming didactic 1917 primer, from that optimistic era, takes a can-do educational tone in its quest to help young people become their own astrologers. Here are all the astrological lessons any at-home forecaster needs, including… . the importance of the time of birth . how to deal with sidereal time . the meaning of “retrograde” . how to place the planets properly in a horoscope map . orbs, aspects, trines, and quincunxes . how to read an astrological fortune . understanding houses . and more.

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