The Circular Temple: 360 Degrees of the Zodiac by John Sandbach (Both Volumes Aries to Pisces) – Text description only – not the graphics

The Circular Temple Volume I: Aries through Virgo The two-volume text of “The Circular Temple” consists of 1,440 pictorial symbols channeled by John Sandbach over a period of more than twenty years. These symbols are expressed in words rather than visual images, and divided into 4 groups, each one containing 360 symbols. In all 4 groups each of the 360 symbols corresponds to one of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. Therefore each degree of the zodiac corresponds to four different symbols, one from each group. These four groups are known as the Omega, Pleiadian, Chandra, and Azoth Symbols. “The Circular Temple” has three main purposes: (1) it can be used by astrologers to interpret charts, by looking up the specific degree of each planet in a chart. (2) It can be used by anyone as an oracle, by asking a question and then randomly drawing one of the degrees of the zodiac to answer the question. (3) The degrees can be read in order or at random as meditations on spiritual principles and the interplay of subtle energies. This inspired mystical text has been called by art historian Elisabeth Kirsch a modern “I Ching.” You may also think of “The Circular Temple” as a new kind of tarot deck, for it is meant to be used for the same purpose as the tarot is used – the answering of questions. The difference is that whereas the Tarot contains 78 cards, “The Circular Temple” contains 1,440 different pictures. Also in this book are 720 prose poems, two for each degree of the zodiac. These poems are mythic, visionary and present a tapestry of Kabbalitic stories mean to open the imagination up to the possibilities of the degrees of the zodiac, which alchemists and mystics know as living beings possessing all the wisdom of the universe. “If you want to know how salamanders consume lightning to create the fire in opals, if you would like to enter through the portal into other worlds these Oracles are the ticket. When there is nowhere else to turn there are these symbols and The Oracle waiting there with answers. You will recognize them immediately. Ah, Irnad the Wise is summoning me to Azoth… must go now for it is a Cosmic Homecoming!” – Sandra Sandy The Circular Temple Volume I: Aries through Virgo The Circular Temple Volume II: Libra through Pisces

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