StoTechniques of an Astrotrader by Earik Beann

Techniques of an Astrotrader describes two powerful techniques from Earik’s private files that provide a complete forecasting and trading approach. Learn how the planets interact to create energy vibrations, how those vibrations influence us on Earth, and how the information can be used to forecast turning points in price and time with incredible accuracy.


The manual you now hold represents over ten years of refinement and research into what makes markets tick and how to use that information to grow a trading account. Over that period of time, I bought countless trading books and courses, attended seminars, and studied bodies of knowledge from the most technical, such as artificial intelligence, to the most esoteric, such as numerology and the vibration of the spoken word.

I’ve been around the block when it comes to studying trading methods, and over time I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Surprisingly, the reason most traders fail is not due to a lack of effective tools, but to faulty preconceptions about what it takes to be profitable and an ignorance of how to manage trading operations as a business.

If you have any trading books, go back and take a look at them and ask yourself what exactly the book is trying to teach you. In most cases, it will be about some entry technique with a high accuracy.

That’s what sells trading books, because that’s what people want. It’s an attractive topic to traders, as it feeds their subconscious yearning for accuracy, but unfortunately it tends to have nothing to do with actually making money.

Techniques of an Astrotrader takes a different approach. I’m going to discuss everything you need to know to run the business of trading. This includes risk management, profit targets, psychology, discipline, and position sizing. I’m also going to discuss some extremely powerful tools that will tell you at what time and what price you should place a trade.

It’s a complete system, and I will cover all the components required to be a profitable trader. I’ll bring it all together at the end by taking you into my virtual trading room to demonstrate how it all works under fire, and I’ll be trading real money the whole time.

My goal is for you to be able to take what you’ve learned in this book, and then go to the markets and take money out of them. I don’t care what your accuracy is. I don’t care whether you rode the whole move down. I don’t care if you missed or didn’t see the huge break that just happened.

As long as you put money in your account, and do so consistently, then I will have been successful in writing this book. I’m really aiming for those traders who have a little experience but have never been profitable before.

The advanced traders will find something in here that they can take and use as well, but it’s really that group on the edge of profitability that I’d like to push over the line.

As far as I know, no one has ever delivered a complete astrobased trading method before. Sure, there are books about how an astrological aspect pinpointed such-and-such a top or bottom in the past, or had such-and-such correlation to various market averages, but no one ever said, “Here are your entries, here are your exits, do it like this.” That’s what I’m going to provide here.


  • Astrology
  • The Basics
  • The Declination System
  • lntraday Astro
  • The Energy Model
  • Measuring Energy
  • How to Enter
  • How to Exit.
  • Position Sizing
  • The Unmeasurables
  • Conclusion and Next Steps

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