Mudras for Stress Management: 21 Simple Hand Gestures for A Stress Free Life by Advait

Your Guide to A Stress-Free Life Through Simple Hand Gestures!!! Mudras for Stress Management is all about educating you about Ancient Vedic ‘Mudra’ techniques which involves achieving A Stress-Free Life with Simple Hand Gestures. Start Living a Stress-Free Life Now!!! “Those who don’t know how to fight worry and live a stress-free life, die young.” Are you plagued by fears & phobias?? Do you toss and turn at night with a knot in your stomach, worrying about your work, your family, job, Future, or relationships?? Do you suffer from crippling shyness, obsessive Self-doubt, or a feeling of insecurity?? If your answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions, then understand that, you are living a stressed Life and it Will Affect Your Health Adversely. Now Tell Me….Do You Want To Lead A Stress-Free Life?? If your answer is ‘Yes’ to this question, then this book is for you!!! All the Mudras mentioned in this book are Stress Reduction and Management Mudras, which train you to remain Stress-Free and in Control in any kind of difficult situation and contribute towards a relaxed mind and help the practitioner maintain a calm composure all the time. You don’t believe me?? Try out for yourself. These Mudras work wonders!! Discover:: 21 Simple Hand Gestures for A Stress-Free Life This book details a variety of Simple Hand Gestures called as Mudras, that when performed regularly will help you lead a stress-free Life. Some of the Mudras that you’ll discover inside this book are: # Samputamudra / Mudra of Bud # Tritiiya Kurmamudra / Mudra of Tortoise III # Hamsimudra / Mudra of The Contained Spirit # Phuppusmochanmudra / Mudra of liberated Lungs # Chinmudra / Mudra of Consciousness Everlasting Health is Achievable Through A Stress-Free Life!! Just perform these Simple Hand Gestures regularly.

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