The Complete Guide to Comprehensive Fibonacci Analysis on Forex by Viktor Pershikov

Can trading on forex with just Fibonacci tools be effective and profitable? This book says: yes! <Br> In modern conditions, when the currency market is very challenging, traders worldwide need precise and highly effective methods and strategies to profit from their transactions. The vast majority of time-honoured trading systems were developed for the stock and commodity markets, and traders started applying them over time in the forex. Accounting for differences in the pattern of price dynamics and volatility in different financial markets, a trading method proven in the stock or commodity markets may be inadequate to the forex. Inherent differences between the fx and other financial markets give impetus to creation and application of targeted trading systems and strategies that would fit perfectly to the specifics of forex price dynamics. These up-to-date and effective trading methods are discussed in this book. This book encourages the reader to explore a new area of technical analysis – The comprehensive Fibonacci analysis. Despite the fact that Fibonacci tools are widely known as such, the technical analysis still lacks specific rules for their construction and application to integrated trading. This book is the first to provide the unified and correct plans of constructing the basic Fibonacci tools. Further, it describes the rules and know-how of systemic trading based on these tools, so that the trader can use any of them to ensure effective and profitable deals. The most important benefit of this book is the possibility to immediately apply the gained knowledge into practice, specifically: perform a correct construction of Fibonacci tools analyze price changes and conclude on the prospects of further rising or falling prices determine the levels, where to open a buy/sell deal for a particular currency pair
about the author:
Viktor pershikov, mfta (master of financial technical analysis), is a leading technical analyst in Russia. He is the author of the comprehensive Fibonacci analysis. Unique findings for successful forex trading book. In 2012, he became the first Russian analyst to be awarded “master of financial technical analysis” Degree by ifta (www.Ifta.Org). Mr. Pershikov, mfta, has vast experience in teaching the strategies of technical analysis based on his own educational method and aimed at development of individual views of every trader. According to Mr. Pershikov opinion, individual approach in trading is the priority. Viktor has been trading on the fx market for more than 7 years and his preference is long-term trading on forex. Viktor pershikov, Mata, is a senior financial analyst at instance, a Russian ecn forex broker. He is a member of technical securities analysts association – San Francisco (tsaa-sf) and international Federation of technical analysts (ifta).

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