The Nakshatra Traits by Study of Astrology

An astrology book relating to Nakshatra’s and the traits they exhibit. This is specific to Vedic Astrology but very much useful information for all interested in Astrology.

Primarily it lists traits of each nakshatra and each pada (27*4) with modern perspective.

Just what are Nakshatra’s?

Nakshatra’s are 27 sections of the celestial sky that are located above the common 12 zodiac constellations in astrology. They are also referred to as Lunar Mansions from historical texts. These sections of the sky are called “Nakshatras” and compose of equal areas of 13.20 degrees each that embody the entirety of the 360 degree zodiac. Each Nakshatra is composed of a number of fixed stars that power and give meaning to that section of the sky and add a deeper layer of translation in astrology

Every Nakshatra itself has a symbol associated with it, a ruling deity as well as a planet affiliated with ruling it. The Sun, Moon and Ascendant are most important points in the Nakshatra. That said Vedic Astrology gives most importance to the Nakshatra of the Moon. Read each Nakshatra of the Moon sign pertaining to a chart of interest to learn the depth of how a personality manifests in this e-book.

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