Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs and Other Riddles of Ancient History: A Guide to Dating Ancient Astronomical Data by Anatoly T Fomenko

It is commonly believed that 3000 years of Ancient Egyptian history ended around the year 500 A.D. leaving behind phenomenal monuments, temples and tombs. But, can we trust Egyptian chronology?
“Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs” will undermine your beliefs in the conventional history of Egypt, by providing you with strong scientific proof that ancient Egyptian temples and tombs were created after the year 1000 A.D. This book is not based on historical speculations, but it is a comprehensive scientific analysis of the Egyptian zodiacs – the astronomical calendars holding the real dates of Ancient Egypt.
Authors of this book are mathematicians who scrupulously investigated the existing astronomical evidence and used special computer programs to calculate the dates encoded in the Egyptian zodiacs. The book explains in every detail how to read the astronomical data shown on the Egyptian zodiacs, and provides the reader with all the necessary tools to conduct independent research into this area of astronomical dating.
It was always extremely hard to introduce principally new ideas in any field of knowledge. The authors of this book show that there are serious problems in a very foundation of the conventional chronology. This exciting topic will make readers shake and crave for more.

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