The Astrology of Awakening (Vol 2 Chart Application Counseling) by Eric Meyers

Highly accessible and readable, The Astrology of Awakening 2, is an ambitious and progressive book; designed for astrology students and practitioners interested in a thoroughly spiritual approach to the cosmic art. It provides a step by step breakdown of how we can understand an astrology chart as a journey of maturation and spiritual awakening. The Awakening approach weaves threads from developmental psychology, modern understandings of consciousness, ancient spiritual wisdom, the implications of quantum science, all held within today’s knowledge of astronomy. The reader is invited to a whole other perspective or dimension (the transpersonal, soul), both in how to examine charts, and also how to connect with clients. At the soul level, life is a sacred reflection of our psyche. The astrological counselor can learn how to support a client in meeting self through all experiences and encounters, to see how the astrology chart itself is animated in our lives. The overarching theme is that we begin in a spiritual childhood and mature throughout the soul journey. Collectively, we are in a time of paradigm shift towards the inclusion of the metaphysical so we might create a more conscious existence. Astrology can serve as a beacon to light the way forward, and the Awakening approach is ideally suited to meet this goal. Chapter 1 reviews the basis of this approach, and provides a condensed account of some main points from Volume 1 of this series. In particular, it lays out the model of evolutionary levels of consciousness, with which the reader should become familiar. Chapter 2 addresses fundamental building blocks of astrology: planets, signs, houses, aspects, elements and modalities. All of these will be introduced and discussed from a spiritual perspective. The Moon, the Nodes of the Moon, and the Sun form the crux of this approach. They are addressed in Chapters 3 through 6. Analogous to the seed (Moon), the gardening (Nodes of the Moon), and the flower (Sun), they detail the process of spiritual awakening from initial egoic identification (Moon), the habits and patterns which stem from this (Nodes), and the blossoming into the soul self (Sun). Chapter 7 explores the Plutonian shadow and its relation to the awakening process. The chart skeleton is the basic structure of evolutionary motion in this approach, and chart examples will bring it to life. Chapter 8 focuses on charts: factors concerning set-up, organization and how to approach what we see. How do we make meaning of the various pieces and connect them? This chapter touches on various topics such as retrogrades and declination, as well as the process of chart synthesis. Chapter 9 explores the collective scope of Jupiter and Saturn, and the transpersonal scope of Uranus and Neptune as represented in charts. The second part of the book addresses counseling. Chapter 10 is a discussion of the role of the astrological counselor and Chapter 11 provides in-depth commentary on how a session is conducted. Chapter 12 mainly addresses how to work with the issues that keep people unconsciously perpetuating their patterns. Chapter 13 is organized to address the four levels of experience (physical, emotional, mental, soul) in a counseling context, and suggestions to work with each of these realms. Chapter 14 is a discussion of issues which tend to emerge with clients: how to address frequently asked questions, giving advice, personal sharing, perceptions of astrology, addressing darkness, professional boundaries and more. Finally, Chapter 15 is a discussion and summation of the main points, clarifying the message and vision of this approach.

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