Tarot Card Meanings: To Empower Yourself Daily by Andrea Rich

Tarot Card Meanings, to empower yourself daily is an inspirational book to educate and inspire self knowledge. This is the tarot of purposeful action, an ultimate guide giving you practical ways to let go of what doesn’t work and enhance where to put your focus for a greater life experience. The 22 Major ARcana, archetypes of the traditional tarot, are fashioned here for the 21st century and beyond. Taking in to account how busy everyone is and asking the right questions to put you on track where your actions have a purpose and ultimately get you where you want to be: in touch with who you really are, showing you how to realize when to act and when not to, and give insights and perspectives that show you the truth and nature of things so you stop placing unnecessary burdens on yourself and allow your natural self to shine forth. This is your expanded self talking to your little self. By reading the book through or whether you select a card at a time, knowledge is revealed to answer questions and aid decisions. Loaded with words of encouragement to drop the unessential, it is designed for you to practice, with a yoga mind, how to be more and more peaceful and contented every day! There is also the 21 day challenge: start with the Fool, and follow the recommended action. Then for 21 days go on to the next card, and card by card follow the instructions ending with the World where you will be celebrating in an attitude of gratitude. This process is a laser focus to deliberately cut through obstacles and shift limiting beliefs. You come out with a lighter heart, more care free, with more energy, and less concerned with the actions of others. These archetypes demonstrate that you are the author, the actor, and the director of your divine play. You don’t have to live a life of drama. You miss nothing, but a lot of grief. By taking their direction you are asked to watch and be less attached. Life unfolds and you remain at ease. Try on their regal nature and remember that part of you. The Empress reminds you to create, while the Emperor rekindles the feeling of how capable you are and that you are the authority. This is all about becoming the master of your own domain. As the author I attest to their insights as I am always learning and un-learning from them. The more awareness you have the more transformation is possible. Just remember that application is required. Of course have fun with it all. When the way is not yet clear the least we can do is cause no harm to ourselves or others.

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