The Physiognomy of Mental Diseases and Degeneracy by James Shaw (1903)


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How to Read Faces, or, Practical Physiognomy Made Easy by James Coates (1880)

How to Read Heads and Faces by James Coates (1937)

Eat Less, More Fortune: Teachings of a Japanese Master of Physiognomy by Rocky Yamada

Physiognomy in Ming China: Fortune and the Body by Xing Wang

Blake, Lavater and Physiognomy by Sibylle Erle

The Physiognomy of Mental Diseases by Alexander Morison (1838)

Windows of the Soul: Physiognomy in European Culture 1470-1780 (Oxford Historical Monographs) by Martin Porter

Physiognomy by John Clubbe (1763)

Essays on Physiognomy (Edition 17) by Johann C Lavater (Translated by Thomas Holcraft)

The Mind in the Face: An Introduction to the Study of Physiognomy by William McDowall (1882)

A System of Practical and Scientific Physiognomy: Or, How to Read Faces (Vol II) by Mary Olmstead Stanton (1890)

A System of Practical and Scientific Physiognomy: Or, How to Read Faces (Vol I) by Mary Olmstead Stanton (1890)

The Encyclopedia of Face and Form Reading by Mary Olmstead Stanton (1919)

Physiognomy Made Easy by Annie Isabella Oppenheim (1900-1910)

The Annuals of Phrenology and Physiognomy from 1865 to 1873 by O S Fowler (1882)

How to Read Character in Features, Forms, and Faces by Henry Frith (1891)

Text Book of Humanology by John Bryce Adams (1922)

Profiles in Oriental Diagnosis: The Renaissance by Alex Jack

Mysteries of Vedic Face Reading by Hrishikesh Dubey

Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance by Barbara Roberts

The Face Reader: Discover Anyone’s Personality, Compatibility, Talents, and Challenges Through Chinese Face Reading by Patrician McCarthy

The Face Reader: Discover Anyone’s True Personality Through Taoist Chinese Face Reading by Patrician McCarthy

The Practical Art of Face Reading by Simon Brown

The Art and Science of Face Reading: Face Morphology in the Western Spiritual Tradition by Jennifer Lamonica

Face Reading Plain Simple: The Only Book You’ll Ever Need by Jonathan Dee

Amazing Face Reading: An Illustrated Encyclopedia for Reading Faces by Mac Fulfer

Face Reading in Chinese Medicine by Lillian Bridges

Divination: An Essential Guide to Astrology, Numerology, Tarot Reading, Palmistry, Rune casting, and Other Divination Methods by Mari Silva

Mian Xiang – Discover Face Reading: Your Guide to The Chinese Art of Face Reading by Joey Yap

Face and Palm Reading: How to Read People Using Chinese Physiognomy and Palmistry by Mari Silva

The Ultimate Guide to the Face Yoga Method by Fumiko Takatsu

Face Reading: Sage’s Key to Character Reading by Ormsby

Descriptive Mentality from Hand, Face and Head by Holmes Whittier Merton (1899)

Sex and Astrology (Horoscope, Palm and Face) (Author Unknown)

Saral Samudrik Shastra Face Reading (मुखाकृति विज्ञान) by Arun K Bansal (Hindi)

Reading Faces – Window to the Soul? (New Directions in Social Psychology) by Leslie Zebrowitz

How to Read the Head and Face by H Ellis Foster (1903)

Astrological Body Types: Face, Form and Expression by Judith A Hill

Revelations of the Face by L N Fowler (1903)

Your Face Never Lies What Your Face Reveals about You and Your Health, an Introduction to Oriental Diagnosis by Michio Kushi

Your Face mirrors Fortune by R G Rao

Palmistry, Physiognomy and Phrenology: True Guide for a Perfect Marriage by Eugene Hitchcock

Palmistry, Physiognomy Natural Astrology by John Indagine and Kim Farnell (1683 Translation)

A Concordance on Graphology and Physiognomy (1900) by R D Stocker

Reading the Human Body Physiognomics and Astrology in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Hellenistic-Early Roman Period Judaism by Mladen Popovic