The Fortune Teller’s I Ching by Martin Palmer, Kwok Man Ho and Joanne O’Brien

I Ching. The Book of Changes. The ancient Oriental art of forecasting the future. But for all its popularity and eminence, it has been difficult to use the I Ching–until now.

The Fortune Teller’s I Ching is the first new translation of this ancient art–a more contemporary, more accessible interpretation than has ever before been available. Closer to the original Chinese than previous translations, this edition is not bound by the ponderous, scholarly interpretations that have obscured the I Ching’s purity in the past. Based on the I Ching used by modern Chinese fortune-tellers in their daily lives, the eight-coin ‘Pa Ch’ien” method, it provides clear, quick, and unambiguous results. The authors, a Chinese astrologer and two eminent scholars of Chinese culture, also provide complete three-coin and y arrow stalk instructions.

To find out what kind of sense the I Ching makes, you must use it. And The Fortune Teller’s I Ching is the best edition ever published in the Western World for exploring the I Ching’s vast possibilities. This volume will surprise many who have become familiar with current translations, and stimulate many who have been daunted by these translations to look again at this great oracle.

The Fortune Teller’s I Ching is a “people’s I Ching.” It is designed for people to use.

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