Vaastu Guidelines Do’s and Don’ts (Sunder Vaastu) by Nilesh Shah

From times immemorial, it has been observed that the laws of Nature are specific and constant. But we suffer adverse physical, mental, familial, economic and social consequences owing to whimsical twists and changes interjected in the said laws by the mankind, whereas, if we adhere to the laws of Nature, we attain happiness, peace and prosperity.
If we think of taking advantage of the laws of Nature even during the present circumstances of tension filled life and try to comply with them, we can be at peace.
Our sages, munis and ancestors laid down the laws of Nature in Vaastu Shastra, which l have tried to narrate in my own humble way in my two “Sundar Vaastu” books. I have immense satisfaction that those who have followed the laws of Vaastu Shastra have experienced beneficial effect.
This has prompted me to try to explain the laws 0fVaastu Shastra in easy and simple manner. Hence, this book “Some Suggestions”, which gives advice and suggestions in a number-wise manner on a map.
I pray to the Lord to bestow happiness, peace and prosperity on you on following “Some Suggestions”.

Dr. NILESH N. SHAH (age 52) born in Mumbai, is a renowned name in India for his Vaastu advices. Dr. N.N. Shah has done Phd in Vaastu Shashtra. He is the founder of Sunder Vaastu, which is a registered company with ISO 9001:2008 certificates

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