The Face Reader: Discover Anyone’s True Personality Through Taoist Chinese Face Reading by Patrician McCarthy

Every face tells a story. Mien Shiang—Taoist Chinese Face Reading—is a 3000 year old practice that has its roots in Taoism and Chinese Medicine. It gives you the means to discover anyone’s true personality, behaviors, and character—including your own.
Wouldn’t you like to know, simply by looking at the size and angle of a person’s cheekbones, if she was the right hire for your team? What if a quick glance at your date’s chin revealed his strong character, but marks near the outer corners of his eyes hinted at issues with fidelity? Wouldn’t you like to know the inherent gifts and challenges associated with the size, shape, and placement of each of your facial features, as well as the lines, moles, scars, and blemishes on your face?
The Face Reader (Second Edition) is the definitive book for helping you to learn how face reading can enhance every aspect of your life, from the workplace, to family life, friendships, dating, and love. It is fully illustrated with nearly 200 color photos, tables, quizzes, insightful anecdotes, and suggestions on how to best use your natural gifts and challenges.

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