The Illustrated Guide to Tarot by Naomi Ozaniec

Enter the exhilarating and unexpected world of the Tarot–and embark on a voyage of self-discovery. The 78 cards of the Tarot offer a compendium of wisdom in visual form, and provide seekers with personal insights, guidance, and even glimpses of what lies ahead. This lavishly illustrated guide, filled with vibrantly colored artwork, includes a wealth of inspiring ideas to adjust to each individual expression. Participate and interact with the Tarot with the help of recommendations on choosing a pack and an introduction to the 22 characters of the Major Arcana, which describe the journey of life. The Minor Arcana are covered, too, and they go along the everyday byways and meandering paths of daily interaction. Practical guidelines on using the Tarot in meditation, a quick manual to interpretation, and a discussion of symbols, visualization, divination, and healing reveal the variety of possibilities in this ancient art.

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