Tarot Twist: 78 New Tarot Reading Methods by Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin

Twist your Tarot with 78 innovative spreads and methods from award-winning tarot authors Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin! Learn how to create your own unique spreads from any question to provide truly profound readings for yourself, friends, family or paying clients! Learn to converse with the cards themselves and predict the timing of events. Learn an incredible range of methods an use the Tarot for spiritual self-discovery and regular fortune-telling and divination!

Learn to combine Runes, Astrology, Tarot and the I-Ching together for a Grand Quadrangle Reading! Discover Alchemical readings, spreads to learn from mistakes, face your fears, and gain self-knowledge.

In this this second workbook of the exclusive and innovative Tarosophy® KickStart series, you will take your Tarot alphabet and turn it into a whole new language!

Here’s just a few of the 78 totally original methods presented in this innovative book, suitable for all levels and backgrounds:

The Settler, Warrior, Nomad Spread: Using the Power of three Tribes to divine how to deal with a tricky situation.
The What to Do Spread (Next Step Method): An innovative method answering the question following a reading, “So what do I do?”

Climb Inside Your Spread: How to really get inside the spread and discover more than you first saw!

The Negative Confessions Spread: A Test and Purification of your Soul through Tarot.

The GO Method: A method for divining how two parties will develop together for better or worse.

The Stairway to Heaven Spread [Narrative Method]: A Narrative spread of Tarosophy® for divining the nature of our own spiritual ascent.

And more than 70 other methods covering every aspect of Tarot, questions, timing and more!

Price INR 110

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