Tarot for True Romance: Romance Your Life with Tarot by Andrea Green

Three out of every five questions asked of a tarot reader are about relationships. This book will give you the ten most powerful and elegant spreads designed for all relationship questions – for yourself or others.

You’ll learn quick and powerful keywords for appreciating the cards in a relationship reading. That’ll get you reading the tarot in mere minutes!

This book was launched at TarotCon (UK) Tarot Convention and several spreads showcased to tarot telephone line readers who excitedly said “this is so fresh and brilliant – just ideal for every reading I do”.

Learn how to use the tarot deck to enjoy a full relationship makeover – or a relationship assessment – in just FOUR cards!

We’ll also look at the toxic relationship cards, and their antidotes, and how to win over every court card – all sixteen types of people you will meet.

In this book I share with you my special tarot spreads and methods to help:

Fan the flames of passion in the embers of an existing relationship
Find direction in love
Find the positive in the negative
Discover boundaries
Move past boredom and bad relationship habits
Reveal how your past relationships are effecting your new relationship
Gain clarity between your head and your heart.

All with a pack of tarot cards!

At the end of the book, I also share a bonus method for sorting out arguments and making decisions in a relationship!

Fully illustrated with ten unique spreads and keywords for every card, designed from thirty years of experience and over 10,000 face-to-face readings with real people.

Price INR 85

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