Angelic Sigils of Power: Transform Your Life with Instant Access to the Angels of the Tarot and Zodiac by Tristan Whitespire

Within the covers of this book you will discover the hidden keys that empower you to unleash the ancient powers of the soul to govern and control each aspect of your life. You will discover powerful names of God and angels that merge your will with omnipotent power to cut through undesirable circumstances in your life like a sword. You will be empowered to carve out your destiny piece by piece until your life is a perfect work of art fit to your liking.This system covers every possible aspect of life on all four levels of being: Spirit, Emotions, Mind, and Body. Learn to easily attract love and intimacy with another, master your emotions instead of letting them rule over you, sharpen your intellect and creativity, overcome mental blockages, silence your enemies, discover hidden sources of wealth or create new ones, and even rise to power in your chosen organization.You will become a King or Queen of your world. Ruling it the way that you were meant to. This magick reveals the reason that you were born on Earth. It is not only a way to achieve the life of your dreams but to perfect the expression of your soul in the process.You will harness the power of the entire Zodiac and wield the power of all 36 numbered cards of the Minor Arcana of the Tarot to shape your life and your personality. This magick is fun, safe, easy, and effective for getting fast results in the real world.

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