Astrology in Theory and Practice by Bill Duvendack

Are you looking for an astrology book that is not full of the influence of psychology? Do you want an astrology book that makes you think? This tome is written for the true astrologer, and because of this, you will find many things lacking, and other things emphasized. Beginning with a scientific look at astrology, and containing exercises that literally take you from knowing nothing to knowing the basics, Astrology in Theory & Practice discusses the scientific foundation for this aeons old body of knowledge. Written in a down to earth, practical manner, AIT&P walks the reader through the foundation and basics of astrology in a no nonsense way, while at the same time focusing on the principles behind this ancient discipline. This book is intended to be a reference for astrology aficionados of all levels of familiarity and will address some topics only found in passing in other books. By an astrologer for astrologers, this is one book that will keep revealing its secrets the more it is read.

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