TAROT KEYS: Keywords for All 78 Cards & 9 Spreads by Marcus Katz

Mini book for quick reference

Welcome! Have you ever wondered what the real meanings of the tarot cards are? Or how a tarot professional can easily look at just a few cards and give you insight and clarity? Well, you’re about to find out

My name is Marcus Katz and for the last 30 years I have been stealing ideas from the world’s leading Tarot card experts, readers, professionals, authors and teachers. I have travelled around the world and attended hundreds of tarot workshops, lessons, conventions and classes, in the real world and online, with my notebook in hand!

Now I would like to share here – everything I’ve learnt, about the meanings of tarot cards, their use in daily tarot card draws, career advice, free readings, love readings and fortune-telling!

No more guessing or being unsure as to whether a card is good or bad! I will show you how to read it confidently, with special spreads gathered from ten years practice!

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