Mansions of the Moon: A Lunar Zodiac for Astrology and Magic (2nd Edition) with 2019-2033 Mansion Ephemeris by Christopher Warnock

The Mansions of the Moon are a lunar Zodiac, measuring the movement of the Moon against the fixed stars Used by medieval and Renaissance astrologers, this ancient system has been lost for hundreds of years. In the Mansions of the Moon, author Christopher Warnock, a leading traditional astrologer and astrological magician, explains the origin and use of the Mansions, for electional and natal astrology as well as for the production of Mansion talismans. Included are English translations of the Mansion sections from Picatrix, the most famous astrological grimoire. Also included are 28 beautiful Mansion images by the talented artist and mage Nigel Jackson, which readers can use to create their own Mansion talismans. With a full introduction, theory and practical examples, updated 2019-2033 Mansions ephemeris and numerous useful appendices of traditional Mansion sources, the Mansions of the Moon is a must have source for traditional astrology and astrological magic.

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