Fixed Stars; Or an Analyzation and Refutation of Astrology To Which Is Added Many Anecdotes Shewing the Folly and Also the Mischievous Tendency of … Some Eminent Testimonies, Both in Prose by George Beaumont

//It is not easy for an author to say any thing in favour of his own productions, without being liable to very unpleasant imputations. Of tile-jcij of tliis humble csiay, have notiii;) to advance; but I may be alloT ved to say, that some such publication was really wanfingj and,farther, that it is well ineanl, though it may i)e but iiuiillcrcntly executed. A publica(ii):! like this, 1S :y, is really vva!!ting; for though the present generation, likaall preceding ooes, has vanity enouli to thiiik, and frequently to call itself arv cnligJ tiened oc, yet in spite of this cnr.ceit, and in spile of Societies for the Reformation of lilanners Of bibleS ocieties Of Tract Societies Of Sunday Schools c. thtre is in thousands and tens of thousands of people, a strong bias towards A strol9{y andF t– tune-T tlling. This mischievous propensity is principally, i!u ugh not wholly among the lower ranks of Society. The cause of this evil propensity will be ditferenily accounted for; sonieascribi.ig it t) a superstitious inclination inherent in our nature ;. but others, perhaps with more justice, will charge It upon ill example and bad counseL For my own part, 1attribute the evil in question, partly to some wretched publications on Astrology andF ortune-T elling, whieh are now and then issued from the press, by men who care not what they do to mankind, if they can but make a penny for ihemseifes ;and partly, nay chiefly, to those despicable Prognostications and Predictions which annually make their appearance in our almanacks !A lmanack-M akers having long since discovered that mankind are fond of theW onderful and of the Knowledge of things lo come have every year dealt out these things//

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