When Scorpio Ruled the World by Chris Stubbs

The book begins by providing sufficient Astrology for the reader to appreciate the material follow. A new method of Astrological Interpretation is proposed and supported compromising a combination of the interpretations of both the Epoch (Moment of Fertilizations) and birth charts. Because the traditional method of interpretation seemed inadequate for describing conquerors from History the book uses the new method to generate their improved descriptions from in each case from Adolf Hitler to King Edward III of England. The importance of the Scorpio Element then becomes apparent. With reasonable assumptions the method is then extended to derive viable person descriptions for Julius Caesar and for Alexander the Great. Additionally the method was extended to cover nine famous, 2nd-tier power notables from Cicero to Theodore Roosevelt. Once again the new method describes these notables both specifically and without exception. In conclusion, several implications from the work are mentioned and proposed final stage of the proof of the Truth of Natal Astrology is recommended.

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