Astrology: Unravel the Secrets of Stars, Planets, and Signs by Kathy Lee

75 page mini book for overview

This book on astrology gives you deep insight into how the planets and stars play an active role in our lives. There are 12 zodiac signs and each sign is associated with a planet and house. These play a pivotal role in the lives of human beings here on planet earth. The personality of a person can be judged by looking at his/ her birth chart. Predictions can also be given about past and future. You can also discover what your hobbies are, which career path to choose to achieve success in life.
Marriage, love and partnerships can also be known by looking at your chart. Astrology is a perfect science that uses mathematical calculations to prepare a birth chart. It is a wonder that how each and everyone in this planet has a unique birth chart. Even twins born at a brief interval of five to thirty five minutes will have different charts with different personality and life style. All this has been discussed in detail in this book.
Man has always looked above at the sky for answers. Astrology helps you to understand the solar system and seek answers to questions that have been fascinating you for a long time. Go ahead, read this book and learn about life on earth by looking high above.

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