Akashic Records and Twin Flames: An Essential Guide to the Secret Nature of the Akasha and Attracting Your Twin Flame by Mari Silva

Two manuscripts in one book:

  • Akashic Records: Unlocking the Secret Universal Knowledge and Nature of the Akasha Including Prayer, Guided Meditation, and Akashic Tarot Reading
  • Twin Flames: The Ultimate Guide to Attracting Your Twin Flame, Signs You Need to Know and the Different Stages, Includes a Comparison of Relationships with Soul Mates and Life Partners

Are you tired of being unable to resolve problems hindering you from progressing in your life?

Perhaps your search for answers has returned only disappointment.

It’s time to relax because you’ve just found the answers you’ve been looking for.

Prepare to enter a new world filled with records of energy and vibration.

Akashic Records are your pathway to not only understanding divinity but also becoming a disciple of the divine.

This is an opportunity to investigate the intricate lines that form your destiny and bend them to your will.

In part one of this book, you’ll discover how to:

  • See and change the karmic patterns of the past
  • Avoid becoming stuck in loops caused by low vibrations around you
  • Shield yourself from the negative energy that flows through those around you
  • Heal past wounds that you’ve been avoiding
  • Confront your greatest fears and change your perception of them
  • Access all sections of your Akashic Records, from personal to spiritual
  • Analyze the traits that affect your energy field
  • Find new ways to control your aura
  • Help others access their Akashic Records
  • Unshackle yourself from the restrictions imposed upon you by society
  • Reconnect with your spiritual energy, and bridge it into the material world

If you want to discover how to meet your twin flame, the signs you need to know, and the stages you’ll go through, then part two of this book is perfect for you!

What do you know about your twin flame?

Are they already a part of your life?

Do you long to meet someone special but have no idea why?

You may already be in a successful relationship, but you feel you need more. You may dismiss the idea of “the one” as romantic nonsense, but maybe your twin flame will be a mentor rather than a traditional partner.

Whatever your depth of knowledge, this comprehensive guide to all things “twin flame” is what you have been looking for.

You will get the tools you need to start your spiritual journey and emerge unscathed on the other side!

In part two of this book, you will:

  • Learn the difference between a soul mate and a twin flame
  • Find out what happens when you find members of your soul group and allow yourself to live a more fruitful life
  • Explore what is meant by the term twin flame and where it came from
  • Get advice on the best ways to survive a trauma in your spiritual relationships
  • Discover the difference between your twin flame connection and the members of your soul group
  • Uncover 15 amazing signs you may have already met your twin flame
  • Discover why you need to work on your own spiritual growth to help your twin flame connection
  • Know exactly when to let go of toxic unions
  • Understand that twin flames have been assigned from the beginning of time and will remain connected forever
  • Investigate 10 types of soul mates you may already have in your life
  • Identify the biggest misconceptions about divine timing and how you can overcome them
  • Find out if surrendering to the universe really is a bad thing
  • Learn what can you do to raise your spiritual vibration
  • And so much more!

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