Acupuncture Treatment of Musculoskeletal Conditions by Christopher M Norris

This book is written primarily for musculoskeletal therapists of all types and will appeal to those who use acupuncture to augment their current practice. It will also be of value to acupuncturists specialising in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and may serve as an introduction to physical treatment methods such as joint mobilisation, therapeutic exercise and taping.

Written in an accessible style, this book allows the practitioner to bring acupuncture treatment alongside their current practice, balancing Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Western Medical Acupuncture for long term results. Musculoskeletal pain is often part of a bigger holistic picture of disorder and in many cases this approach can allow the practitioner to identify and treat conditions which could not previously be helped by physical therapy.

This book aims to encourage the combined use of acupuncture and physical therapy in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions to increase the standard and efficacy of treatment.

Chris Norris, MSc CBA MCSP SRP runs a private clinic in Altringham, Cheshire and is external lecturer to Liverpool University and Alsager College. Chris is well-known for his publications and for the many courses that he runs.

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