Acupressure: Simple Steps to Health: Discover your Body’s Powerpoints For Health and Relaxation by Jacqueline Young

Acupressure is one of the simplest and most truly effective ways to treat yourself – naturally.
Our practical guide makes Acupressure simple for even a complete beginner.

Very similar to Acupuncture – but without any needles – Acupressure works by applying fingertip or thumb pressure to specific points on the skin along the body’s meridian, or energy, lines.

This practical guide demonstrates clearly where to place pressure for each treatment. Our book provides Acupressure workouts for:

Beauty – facial acupressure
• Mind and emotions
• Day to day health – colds, backache, headache, period pains.
• Preventative medicine – for healthy heart, lungs, liver, digestive system.
• Whole body workouts – for fundamental good health and vitality.

There are reader friendly explanations of all stages and the language used is Western rather than Chinese throughout – making this an excellent Healthy Explorer guide.

Price INR 75

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