Legends of the Egyptian Gods by Ernest Alfred Wallace Budge

Contains nine of the most important religious and mythological stories from ancient Egypt. These stories have been told throughout the years, but have rarely been found in their exact translations, all together in one volume. In most cases, the original Egyptian hieroglyphs appear on each facing page of text, making this a great study tool for those interested in ancient Egyptian writing. With practice, one may come away with the ability to read Egyptian hieroglyphs. These essential works include The Legend of the Creation; The Legend of the Destruction of Mankind; The Legend of Ra and the Snake-Bite; The Legend of Horus of Edfu and the Winged Disc; The Legend of the Origin of Horus; A Legend of Khensu Nefer-Hetep and the Princess of Bekhten; The Legend of Khnemu and a Seven Years’ Famine; The Legend of the Death and Resurrection of Horus; and The Legend of Isis and Osiris According to Classical Writers. Essential texts for those researching ancient Egyptian history and mythology.

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