Handwriting and Personality by Ann Mahony

Discover How Handwriting Draws a Map of Your Mind.

Ann Mahony, an expert graphologist, teacher, and lecturer, has taught hundreds of people how handwriting analysis can help them make better-informed decisions about everything — from choosing a mate to changing jobs to improving communication with children.

Now, with the simple-to-learn skills in Handwriting & Personality, you can gain unique insight into friends, lovers, family members, business associates, and even yourself — almost immediately. You will meet eight basic personality types and learn what their handwriting says about them and how you can apply it to your life. You will learn how handwriting reveals:
— What motivates people beneath the facade they show the world
— What they really think of themselves, both publicly and privately
— How they’re likely to behave in any given situation
— Whether they’re likely to achieve their goals
— And much more

Used in more than 1,500 businesses nationwide to determine a job applicant’s personality profile, graphology is a highly respected tool. Now you can discover how easy it is to understand the hidden truths locked within your handwriting.

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