Mayan Calendar Astrology: Mapping Your Inner Cosmos by Kenneth Johnson

Confused about which Mayan astrology guide to follow? When it comes to the sacred Mayan calendar, no non-native or New Age interpretations come close to Maya scholar Ken Johnsons seminal work Mayan Calendar Astrology. This is the most comprehensive guide to Mayan astrology available today and the quintessential handbook to the Tzolkin, a 260-day sacred personal calendar the Maya have used for millennia to guide their lives and spiritual paths. Whether your e interested in personal spiritual growth or in diving deeper into Mayan astrology, this is the guide for you. This book shows you how to: – Figure out your nagual, or Maya birth sign, and learn its meaning – Use the solar and lunar cycles to interpret the meaning of the time you were born – Create and understand your Mayan Destiny Chart (also known as the Tree of Life or Mayan Cross) – Integrate the meaning and context of the four Year Lords (or Year Bearers) into your personal astrological journey – Create composite charts for your important life relationships – Identify which naguals make your best-matched lovers, partners, friends and collaborators – Determine the optimal days for finding or affirming love in your life, starting a business or profession, working on creative projects, and many other key areas of life – Engage a powerful technique called the Path of Feathered Serpent, based on your own personal lunar month and designed to awaken the koyopa, or inner lightning, we all possess It also gives you: – The meanings and traits of the 20 day signs and the 13 numbers of the Mayan Tzolkin calendar – Calendar diagrams – Personal horoscope templates and instructions – The personal compatibility matrices embedded within the Tzolkin – Calendar tables listing the first day of each trecena from 1934. One of the most knowledgeable authorities on Maya cosmology and astrological practices alive today, Ken Johnson has spent several decades living and working with the Kiche Maya, known for maintaining the most ancient and the most authentic Day keeping practices. He now brings this lifetime of specialized knowledge to the modern world with a degree of knowledge, insight, and respect you simply cannot find among the crowds of self-proclaimed gurus of Mayan cosmology.

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