Criminal Astrology (Vol 1) Understanding Crime Charts by Kirsty McIntosh

Crime & AstrologyAstrology is extremely useful in many areas of our personal lives but did you know astrology can also be utilised to solve crimes and find missing people?In this, Volume one, Kirsty delves into how to interpret horoscopes for events, last seen charts for missing persons and emergency calls. She shows how to look for the victim and the suspect in the horoscope, what the suspect may look and act like and possible motives and circumstances surrounding the crime. By using various methods and examples via case studies, this book shows the astrological circumstances surrounding the abduction and murders of six girls.The case files used are from real life stories. The Bega Schoolgirl Murders in NSW Aust.The Soham Killings in the UK The abduction and murders of Shari Faye Smith & Debra Mae Helmick in the USA. This volume shows how the horoscope can help us find answers. By using house cusp and planetary rulerships, signs, quadruplicities, triplicities and fixed stars, Kirsty dives deep into the rabbit hole of criminal or forensic astrology.This book is a must have if you are a true crime buff or an astrology lover. If you have followed Kirsty’s work or watched her YouTube videos, you’ll know she delves deeply into various high profile and more obscure criminal cases and her research is detailed after years of working with families of the missing. If you want to understand the dynamics of criminal astrology, this is the series of books for you. Volume One is the first of three parts that begins the process of unravelling the mysteries of the horoscope and how it correlates with criminal events. It is the perfect reference book for Astrology students and criminal astrologers alike.

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