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Gann, like all geniuses, was an extraordinary person. In his books, he combined such sciences as geometry, astronomy, astrology, ancient math techniques and religious studies.

Being a deeply religious person (the Bible plays an especially important part in his books), Gann was convinced in scientific value of this book. Gann was also a 33rd degree Freemason, to which some attribute his sacred knowledge of ancient mathematics.

One of the best-known and historically proven Gann’s forecasts was published in Wall Street Journal in 1909. There, Gann wrote that cotton price would be down below 99 cents before the end of the year, and it would be up at 1.45 USD the following spring. Finally, it was fulfilled accurately within a cent.

Gann had spent over 10 years on studying exchange trading. Finally, according to the outstanding results of his predictions that were hardly ever less than 90% accurate, he succeeded in it. However, working as a consultant and selling his forecasts to other traders, he wasn’t willing to share his secrets. Unfortunately, he wrote just about ten books during his life, but didn’t reveal his main key to trading success. Nowadays, William Gann’s writings have become the subject of detailed studies of his followers.

It is acknowledged that the combination of all Gann’s tools is a full-scale and self-sufficient method of high-accuracy forecasting. However, each of the tools, taken separately, performs not so well. Perhaps, that is why the instruments available in any trading terminal, like Gann fan or Gann box, are not that popular. Traders just don’t have the right idea of how to utilize them and apply to trading and finally they give up on these instruments, being disappointed.

Real disciples of Gann spend years to understand all the peculiarities of the Great Master’s methods. I’m not aiming at retelling Gann’s books, but I’d like to describe the basics of his trading concepts, focusing on their practical application and to suggest you key points to study by yourself.

Only this way, each reader will be able to see the new, unknown side of Gann and exploit his writings with most efficiently.

Roughly outlined, Gann’s trading methodology is based on three major concepts:

  • Cardinal Square
  • Principle of price and time agreement
  • Geometrical angles

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