Kundalini: Path to Higher Consciousness by Krishna Gopi

“What happened to me that early morning during the Christmas of 1937 changed the course of my life and outlook. I sat in a small room in a house on the outskirts of Jammu. I was meditating. Practice had accustomed me to sit in the same posture for hours without discomfort, and as I sat breathing slowly and rhythmically, my attention was drawn towards the crown of my head, contemplating an imaginary lotus in full bloom, radiating light.
I sat unmoving and erect. My whole being was so engrossed in the contemplation of the lotus that for several minutes I lost touch with my body and surroundings. The only objet of which I was aware was a lotus of brilliant colour, emitting rays of light. During a spell of intense concentration I suddenly felt a strange sensation below the base of the spine, at the place touching the seat, while I sat cross-legged on a folded blanket spread on the floor. The sensation was so extraordinary and pleasing that my attention was forcibly drawn towards it.
My heart beat wildly, and I found it difficult to bring my attention to the required degree of fixity. The sensation extended upwards, growing in intensity. Then, suddenly, with a roar like that of a waterfall, I felt a stream of liquid light entering my brain through the spinal cord.
What had happened to me? Was I hallucinating? Or had I by some strange fate succeeded in experiencing the Transcendental? I had read glowing accounts, written by learned men, of great benefits resulting from concentration and of the miraculous powers acquired by yogis through meditation. Was there, after all, really some truth in the repeated claims of the sages and ascetics of India, made for thousands of years that it was possible to apprehend reality in this life if one practised meditation in a certain way?
Little did I realize that from that day onwards I was never to be my old normal self again. I had unwittingly and without adequate knowledge, roused to activity the most powerful power in man. I had stepped unknowingly upon the key to the most guarded secret of the ancients, and thenceforth for a long time, I had to live suspended by a thread, swinging between life and death, between sanity and insanity, between lights and darkness, between heaven and earth.”
An extraordinary autobiographical account of what happens in the mind and body when Kundalini gets spontaneously aroused… one of the clearest journals documenting spiritual transformation and mental evolution onto a higher plane of consciousness.

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