Daoist Weather Magic and Feng Shui by Jerry Alan Johnson

This workbook includes the following information: an introduction to Feng Shui; the energetic interactions and influences of Heaven on Earth; the three realms of Earth energy; the Five Element patterns and three treasures of Earth; understanding the topography and flow of normal and abnormal landforms; the location of Sha Qi (evil energy); Sha Qi and Daoist sorcery; understanding the location and placement of a residence; the esoteric patterns of the ancient Nine Star Mountains; gathering qi from mountains, valleys, and deserts; and interacting with mountain spirits.
Also included in this workbook is the study of the energy of Wind; the music of the Earth and Voice of Heaven; the stars affecting wind and rain; the Yin and Yang nature of wind; Wind Direction and Daoist Magic; the energy and magical virtues of Water; the different voices and energetic qualities of Water; the ancient “Water Dragon Classics;” the Four Animal water patterns; the Five Element water formations; gathering qi from oceans, lakes, rivers and streams; invisible and sacred watercourses; water cultivation techniques; Daoist Weather Magic training; different Weather Talismans; different Weather Magic rituals; Internal Thunder Magic (for cultivation and healing); the Yellow Court meditation for internal cultivation; summoning and gathering the power of thunder, and much more.

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