Preface to Prenatal Charts by Charles Jayne

Charles Jayne explores the chart from an esoteric perspective in this volume that focuses on prenatal charts. It is based on his belief that each new level of more complex organization in the hierarchy of real Wholes reveals new and higher attributes of reality, and that the planets are the individual’s transformers for the Cosmic Centers. In Preface to Prenatal Charts, the author explains how to derive and interpret the many Epoch charts, both Individual and Group. In all, there are forty-nine Epoch Charts that comprise the Mandala of the Soul. Charles Jayne uses the Epoch Charts to identify the stages in the Descent of the Soul to the body. Alternately solar and lunar in nature, these charts trace the development of the individual and each is linked to a key planet representative of the Epoch. A case study illustrates how to use a four-step process and the Laws of the Sun, Moon, Angles, and Sex, along with directions and progressions to find the accurate Epoch Charts.

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