Wisdom of the Zodiac (Book 2 Cancer, Leo, Virgo) by Torkom Saraydarian

The Wisdom of the Zodiac, Volume 2 – discusses the full moons of Cancer, Leo, Virgo.

Included in this volume are 48 chapters, with multiple chapters on each of the three full moons, plus important information about full moon celebrations and building our structure of light. Each chapter is a complete study guide to understand one important facet of the complex world of cosmic energies. Each chapter ends with a guided meditation.

In this series of books, Torkom Saraydarian provides the foundation to understand and utilize the power of zodiacal energies. He explains why it is important to celebrate the full moons through reading and study and meditation. He presents deep insights about how cosmic energies work, how they influence our life, and how we can make the best use of these energies to grow into our true spiritual self.

The Wisdom of the Zodiac series is not about astrology, not fortune telling, not predictive in nature. Rather, it empowers each individual the freedom to grow into unlimited possibilities. They contain Teachings to help you open your horizons wide and take the courageous steps to make positive and inspiring changes in your life.

Torkom Saraydarian lectured and wrote about every full moon throughout his lifetime. These lectures have never before been released. They represent Torkom’s complete work on the full moons from 1980 to 1996.

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