Everyday Astrology: The 12 Earth Houses by Angelo Distefano

Every Day Astrology is a textbook for the novice and professional astrologer. To use this information you need a accurate horoscope or Natal Chart erected.

The twelve Earth houses or sectors in the natal chart are aspects that represent the more mundane or material prospects concerning life on Earth. However, it is often the mundane things that prompt us to change the most and to grow spiritually. This occurs mainly because we often notice the material world in a conscious state of mind. Therefore, the effects of the twelve houses are the most visible and easiest to recognize through astrology.

Knowledge of the 12 houses is important, for it provides us with a sense of guidance, or provides a material foundation. It also indicates the quality of life one chooses to live in. However, we should never take the material world to serious. Remember, it is only one fourth of the energy humans exist within. The material world is constantly changing, just like the energies that control our planet.

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