The Key to Astrology: Containing a Complete System of Genethliacal Astrology by Raphael (1891)

It is the most complete work ever issued on this branch of Astrology, and all the student will require is an Ephemeris for the year of his birth. It has also been written with the object of convincing doubters or sceptics of the truth of the science, as nothing has been stated or advanced which is not backed up by experience, and only such information or explanations have been given as have been found to be almost invariably correct. The reader should pay particular attention of Part II, which treats of the influences of the planets; in fact, Parts I and II should be thoroughly mastered before proceeding with Parts III and IV, the latter especially as this is the most difficult part of all.Contents are: Queries on AstrologyPlanets, SignsThe Planetary AspectsThe Orbs of the PlanetsThe Mundane Houses of the HeavensDescription of Persons produced by the SignsForm of Body given by the PlanetsThe Dignities of the Planets The Use of an EphemerisHow to Erect a Map of the HeavensHow to Place the Planets in the MapThe significations of the Planets and their AspectsThe Influence of the Moon .. Mercury .. Venus .. Sun .. Mars .. Jupiter .. Saturn .. Herschel or UranusThe Term “Elevation”Advice How to Judge a NativityWhether a Child will Live or DieThe HealthThe Mental QualitiesThe EmploymentThe Money ProspectsOf MarriageOf ChildrenTravellingOn the Selection of a HouseFriends and EnemiesThe Kind of DeathDirections, or the Calculation of Future EventsExample of Working the DirectionsThe Effects of the Directions the Sun .. Moon .. PlanetsAn Explanation of Astrological Terms 

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