Shadow Astrology: An Astrological Look at the Dark Side of our Personality by Kieran Brannan

Even those who don’t really believe in Astrology often read their Stars in newspapers and magazines when they think no-one is watching. It’s because we’re fascinated with ourselves, fascinated with the magic that makes us who we are!
This is as it should be, we should monitor and explore who we are, that’s the way we discover how to reach our goals and dreams. Astrology is a wonderful tool for the exploration of the possibilities the future might hold; which is why in some cultures, every birth and major life event is accompanied by a visit to the local Astrologer.
In the modern age, especially among those in Western Culture, Astrology is the kind of thing many people have a bit of a giggle about, with only a few really using it as a guide for gaining more from their lives. This decline is happening because Astrology is becoming something of an impotent science. Copious volumes are written on the subject, however, because their readers demand positive insights, they tend to focus on the light, bright and beautiful. Unfortunately, in ignoring the not so bright and pretty, they miss some very important elements. Those missing elements provide the balance point for the whole, without them, you’ve only got half of the story. The true science of Astrology provides a guide to who we are, it includes the bumps and thorns as well as the bright, happy stuff.
Modern Astrology, in its need to be accepted and seen in a positive light, tends to at best, gloss over, and at worst, totally ignore, the Astrological implications of the dark side of human nature. Our society has become too comfortable with denying the possibility of anything negative, refusing to accept and understand the part it plays in our lives. Habitually denying the presence of negative possibilities causes them to be relegated to the dark recesses of the subconscious instead of being accepted as a part of who we are.
Every General knows a battle can only be won by exploring all possible negative and positive outcomes, and preparing the resources under his or her command for potential contingencies. For those who have known there was more to ‘The Stars,’ but didn’t know where to find it, this book will tell you the truth about the details of the dark side of your Star Sign.

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