Easy Predictions with Solar Returns by Deanna Rose

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Aimed Solar and Lunar Returns by Ciro Discepolo

Hayan Bhaskar (Tajik – Varshphal) (Hindi) by Durga Prasad Sharma

Varshphal (Annual Prediction) by S P Gour and Arun K Bansal

Varshphal (Annual Prediction) in Hindi by S P Gour and Arun K Bansal

Varshaphala or Annual Horoscopy by Sumeet Chugh

Annual Horoscope: Varshaphala or Tajak – Effective Predictive Techniques by MS Mehta

A Textbook of Varshaphala – Vedic Technique of the Tajika by K S Charak

The Fundaments of Medical Astrology by Ciro Discepolo

Your Solar Return: A Living Diary of Life Through the Annual Solar Revolutions by Cynthia Bohannon

Planets in Solar Returns: Yearly Cycles of Transformation Growth (Research Paper) by Mary Fortier Shea

Annual Horoscopy – Your Future Solar Return by M N Kedar

The Solar Return Varshphal – Gopesh Kumar Ojha

Lunar Astrology by Alexandre Volguine

The Technique of Solar Return by Alexandre Volguine