Astrology and Astronomy: A Pictorial Archive of Signs and Symbols by Ernst Lehner

As enchanting to browse through as a rare, old manuscript, this intriguing collection of astrological and astronomical illustrations is a unique compendium of the legends, myths, and symbolism of the heavens.
Amassed from far eastern, medieval, and other sources, more than 300 extraordinary woodcuts and engravings depict the planets, Milky Way, signs of the zodiac, the celestial sphere, ancient and modern constellations, comets and meteors, asteroids, and other galactic marvels. The striking illustrations by ancient Babylonian, Greek, Arab, and Renaissance astronomers accompany a treasure trove of stories, lore, and mythical explanations of the nature and origin of astronomical phenomena. Information on the distances, sizes, and magnitudes of stars is also included, along with stellar landmarks, external galaxies, and other scientific data.
A multipurpose reference of striking designs for artists and designers, this archive will also provide scientists and interested readers with an absorbing glimpse into some of the folkloric aspects of primitive astronomy and astrology.

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