Chinese Astrology: Early Chinese Occultism by Carus Paul

Chinese Astrology contains a lucid account of the major systems of Chinese mysticism. Paul Carus’ unique work pictures Chinese astrology and Western astrology side by side. Tables of symbols handily compare Chinese, Indian, Roman and Egyptian astrological symbols. Astrology’s aficionados and sceptics will be fascinated by the puzzling similarities of symbols, and will be drawn to wonder if there was more exchange between the East and West at the dawn of civilization than has been documented to date.

Chinese Astrology is a scholarly work that can take a proud place in the history of archaeology and Oriental studies. Most books on Oriental thought concentrate on either Confucius or Lao Tze. Paul Carus traces an historical continuum of ideas: the Yih System, P’an-Ku, Feng-Shu Lo-Pan are all part of the history of Chinese thought.

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