Popular Hindu Astronomy: Tārm̄andalas and Nakshatras by Kalinath Mukherji (1969)

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Hindu Electional Astrology: A Compendium of Vedic System of Muhurt Jyotish by V K Shridhar

Panchang And Horoscope: Or the Indian Calendar and Indian Astrology by Diwan Bahadur and Swamikannu Pillai (1985)

Elements of Astronomy and Astrological Calculations by V P Jain

A Text Book of Shadbala and Bhavabala by V P Jain

Panchanga Overview and Manual Calculation of House Cusp with Astrological Tables by K L Ramakumar

Panchanga – A Brief Overview of Vedic Astrology by Colin R Shearing

Study of KP Ayanamsa with Modern Precession Theories (includes Rajan, Lahiri and Rashtriya Panchang) by D Senthilathiban

Basics of Panchangam by S Narsimha Rao

Personal Panchanga and the Five Sources of light by Komilla Sutton

Perfect Astrology – Nakshatra : Learning and Predictions by Panchang and Nakshatra by Ram Babu Sao