Horary Astrology Re-Examined by Barbara Dunn

Horary Astrology Re-examined is a detailed and highly informative book, demonstrating clearly and unambiguously that traditional methods are applicable to all astrology. There is no division between different ‘branches’. Barbara Dunn examines the methods by which astrologers of the past evaluated planetary strengths in order to make a judgement on a Question, Nativity, Election or any other type of chart. These evaluations provide a platform for judgement today, in just the same way as they did over a thousand years ago. For all charts, the process of evaluation is broadly the same, what Coley calls the “short comprehensive and approved rules of Art”. The focus of this work is Questions and the aim practical rather than philosophical. Horary Astrology Re-examined is a comprehensive reference work, as well as a casebook, giving judgement on over fifty Questions.

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