The Mars Book by Donna Van Toen

(seems to be 2011 or later edition – originally published in 1988; Page count might differs from of description at amazon etc, however this eBook seems to be complete. the page count variation could be for older edition and/or page settings etc)

In this book, the most complete one about Mars ever written, Donna Van Toen discusses Mars as it relates to personality, energy, occupational motivation, luck, and love, as well as Mars in natal, transiting, and progressed positions. She explains how the planet symbolizes your inner motivation, the esoteric role of Mars, and how Mars relates to karma.
The Mars Book features: natal Mars in the signs, houses, and aspects; how to compare your Mars to that of any city in order to see how you will function in a given geographical area; Mars and your luck; interpretations for transiting and progressed Mars in the houses, signs, and aspects; Mars and your love life; intercepted Mars; interpreting the Mars Return chart; Mars and your inner motivation; example Mars analysis; and Sun-Mars quickie synastries for relationships.

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