Understanding the Astrological Vertex: Love and Life when Fate takes the Driving Seat by Sasha Fenton

When Destiny Overrides Free Will…
“Understanding the Astrological Vertex” explains why our emotions sometimes have a mind of their own. It also illustrates the messages that we unconsciously emit, and the feelings we evoke in each other.

The effects of an activated Vertex often feel like those of Pluto, but they can also mimic the action of any planet that puts our feelings and beliefs through the wringer. They trigger both devastating and intensely joyful events in our lives.

When the Vertex is activated by progression, transit or eclipse, the effects can range from mildly pleasant or irritating, to ecstatic, devastating and totally unforgettable. Think about falling head over heels in love, to get an idea of the awesome power of the Vertex.

Few books cover this fascinating point in your natal chart, yet its effects can be life-changing.
Why is the Vertex so powerful, and what is it, anyway?
Can it be tamed?
Can you avoid unnecessary pain by knowing its active points?

Internationally renowned astrologer and past President of the British Astrological and Psychic Society, Sasha Fenton guides you through this emotionally charged area of astrology in her typically thorough, yet very accessible and readable, style.

“Read this book, and understand your major life events as never before…”

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