The Protocol for Correction of Birth Time by Ciro Discepolo

Since the beginning of his studies in Astrology, in 1970, the Author understood that one of the most important problems in Astrology was to correct the birth time of the subject under examination. In fact, the parents of the child and the people who assist the mother during childbirth are often unprepared to fix the very instant of the birth.
Therefore, Ciro Discepolo studied the methods of his masters to verify the best one for a good protocol of correction of birth time, but – unfortunately – he discovered that these methods did not work and he decided to discover his own method to practise this very important exercise.
He studied for over thirty years and, then, he was able to assemble a protocol of correction of the birth time that, in his experience and in the experience of hundreds of his students, worked.
This protocol is based on a particular system to read the entries of Mars in the Houses trying to get the precise moment of a “bee sting” as regards the arguments of all the specific Houses. The Author believes that it is necessary to follow this protocol for about three years and with a special technique of interrogation of the subjects. In this book you can read about this method and you will be supported by a very great number of practical examples.

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